Thursday, July 30, 2009

Findings, Listings, Diet and Dentist

I ordered some new jewelry findings this week. I can't wait for them to get here! One of my purchases are the tea charms at right in my Etsy favorites. Looking forward to making a bracelet out of them.

I have listed and listed on one of my Etsy shops this week. All my finds from the bead show! I had a hard time remembering what some of the stone beads were so I had to spend a lot of time on the Internet trying to ID them. I had fun photographing them and stopped long enough to take a picture of a pretty flower on my porch.

How is it that pounds just sneak up on us? Ten pounds this summer! I have some work to do at the gym. I have been taking a break from working out but no more. Starting Monday (I always say that!) I am getting back on track.

Well, off to the dentist. Yuck.........


  1. Findings, yay! :) I just got my huge order of sterling earwires! As far as weight goes, I am forcing myself to go out for 90 minutes a day. Even walking can do wonders!

  2. I love jewelry finding shopping. I usually have to wait until I have at least $100 to spend, or I just get upset.

    *whispers* Sometimes I go to Firemountaingems and put stuff in the cart; just to get the feel of shopping. LOL!