Friday, October 30, 2009

Cheap Garage Sale Treasures

I found the most beautiful vintage, Lefton tea cups and saucers last Saturday at a garage sale. They are all numbered too. I bought 3 cups and saucers for $3.00 - for all three!! Amazing deal. (The spoon is my porcelain rose demi spoon I sell in my shop)

At the same garage sale I purchased all three of these Bradford Edition 1999 Hummingbird Ornaments for $3.00!! Yes, $1.00 apiece! These are absolutely beautiful. No chips or cracks and all with their tags on them.
I am amazed sometimes at the incredible deals you can find at garage sales! I will post some of my other treasures soon.
Tomorrow is Saturday and I will be up bright and early hunting for treasures.....unless it rains.
Have a great Halloween!


  1. I haven't been to a garage or yard sale in ages. This makes me want to go! I collect tea cups and these are beautiful.

  2. Oh, I love good garage sale and thrift store finds. Yay for you. Gorgeous stuff.

  3. Ooo, how beautiful! Now I need a cup of darjeeling.