Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Grandmother Ruby

I came across this photograph today of me with my paternal Grandmother. It was taken in 1965.....okay I know I just gave away my age but that's okay. She's gone now and I miss her.
Anyway, my Grandmother's name was Ruby and she was the sweetest Christian lady I have every known. She always made carrot juice. Yes, with some sort of juicer. Fresh. Every time we came to visit she made it. It smelled so good, but did not taste so good.
My Grandmother was unique in that she could always find something good to say about anyone. I never heard her gossip or say anything negative about anyone. I guess I would like to be like that. Always able to find the good in people.


  1. Dear Julie, I think you are very much like your grandmother, nice and kind...
    And tomorrow I am going to make those cookies!
    Yael (from PazzaPazza)

  2. I was very close to my grandma and mom and I miss them so much. It is nice when someone can touch you with their kindness and wisdom it does linger on and on.