Monday, October 19, 2009

The Sad Pirate Pumpkin and The Jealous Cat

My married daughter decorated this pumpkin last week. Isn’t he cute? I get sad looking at him though. This pumpkin makes me sad because this time next year none of my kids will be here to carve or decorate a pumpkin!

My oldest step-son left for the Marines early this year. My college age son is in his own apt this year now. My other step-son is leaving for the Marines in a month. My daughter got married and is living here with us, for now, because her husband is leaving for the Air Force in 3-weeks. Then she will leave to live on base with him the first of next year! All my babies gone in one year. Awful feeling, this empty nest experience. I don’t believe I like it much.

But…..I don’t stay “down” for too long. I am already anticipating the peace and quiet my husband and I will enjoy! The fact that when I clean a room it will be that way the next time I happen to go in there. And the best part is, hopefully, within a couple of years, I will get a grandbaby or two!

This is my other baby. Lyra. She is a year old little princess. She is delicate and pretty, fancy and graceful. She has a sweet meow, sweet disposition and the most gorgeous green eyes. She also loves to sit on my lap and follow me around the house all day! She and I are buddies. Right now though she is none too happy with me. My outdoor cat has to come indoors now and is cramping her style. Lyra’s wicked side is starting to show. Lyra hisses at her all day. Hopefully, they will be friends soon.


  1. I am enjoying the quiet in our house and yes the rooms do stay clean longer :) T.

  2. Now you have the right to keep asking and hinting for for grandkids.. heehee.
    ps. cute kitty!

  3. I don't think our nest will ever be empty-our children range in age from 25 to 4! The oldest is married and expecting her first child so we may never get rid of the baby toys!

    Lyra is beautiful! Hope she and Snicker make friends soon.