Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thank You Gina at Camelot Jewels!!

I found the most delightful shop on Etsy through a blog contest. It is Camelot Jewels and Gina has the most beautiful jewelry. Below is one of her gorgeous pieces. She has many more just as lovely in her shop.

I won a blog contest on Gina's blog and she sent the most gorgeous necklace as my prize!! See below. My picture does not do it justice at all. It is absolutely gorgeous and came packaged in a delightful bag with a ribbon. I just love it! Thank you Gina. Check out her blog for more giveaways....


  1. LOVE those necklaces!

    Fyi - the link for her blog isn't working...

  2. Hi Jessica...thank you. I'll go try to fix the link. :)

  3. So pretty, and congratulations on your win!

  4. Wow that is GORGEOUS!! Great win!

  5. Thanks for putting my item on your sidebar.

    Linda B.

  6. Great prize, lucky lady!

    :) thanks for herting my bike tee :) I see it on your sidebar.