Friday, July 9, 2010

Make A Lavender, Oat, Milk and Sea Salt Bath Bag

Many years ago I would make bath bags for my baths. They were concoctions of wonderful smelling scents with skin softening ingredients. I would fill cute little muslin bags that I made with it. They were pretty good sellers at the market where I sold them 20+ years ago.
I would make a muslin bag with a draw string and stamp a pretty heart or herbs or initial on the front and then fill it with the recipe below. They would hang on the bathtub faucet and I would let the water run through and over them while the tub was filling with the scent of lavender or whichever scent I had in the bag. Before I got out of the tub I used the bag as "scrubby" on elbows and heels.
I usually made the bags about 3" x 4" and filled it with:

Oats (not the quick kind)
Sea Salt
Powdered Milk
Lavender Flowers
Drop or two of Lavender essential oil

These ingredients are at most grocery stores. You can find the oil and lavender flowers at most health food stores. I hope you enjoy your bath bag!


  1. Yum! I'll have to try this!!

  2. Great idea! I have a ton of lavendar in front of my house and usually use it to stuff things, this is another great thing to do with it!

  3. Sometimes the most simple things are soooo enjoyable!

  4. That sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing the instructions. : )

  5. Ooooh, I love this idea. I've got some lavender flowers/buds that I have been hanging on I know just what to do with them!