Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shaw Air Force Base - South Carolina

My son-in-law will be been stationed at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina. My daughter wanted to see the base and get housing set up early so her brother and I tagged along with her.

There are nice trails for walking her new puppy! Ponds and lakes and a little shopping center on base. My kids are on the base housing waiting list for a few months so my daughter rented a really nice apartment a few minutes away from base.

This is her new puppy, Layla, who is an angel! She travels better than my kids ever did when they were little. She just curls up in a ball on the blanket on the floor and falls asleep. She also behaved really well at the hotel. Great dog!
Nice park on the base.

This storm rolled in and trapped us in the commissary for an hour. Incredible amounts of flooding rain and lightening! We saw multiple parking lots in town completely flooded after this storm blew through. It was a great trip though and we got a lot accomplished!


  1. Great photographs. It looks like a very pretty place. What a cute puppy too!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Being that I'm a huge dog person, the main thing I got out of that was... CUTE PUPPY! ;)

  3. that dog is so cute i love it!.. and the trails look so beautiful...*

  4. What adorable photos. I am now following from Admirer Monday. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday night.

  5. Great trip and photos! Cute puppy!