Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Don't Do This.......

Lovely mountain with hues of autumn orange, shimmery gold and red highlights, combined with fall leaves and a yummy smelling cinnamon scent!

No, it is not my latest creation for my Etsy shop.

Neither is this pretty concoction.

These are pictures of what remains of a few of my beautiful fall candles. :(

Last Fall I stored all my pretty fall decorations in a plastic container and put them in the attic last winter......forgetting to take out my gorgeous Autumn candles first. Well....yes, you guessed it! They all melted. Lovely gold, red, and orange blobs attached to my decorations.
I guess this means I need to go to Hobby Lobby for more fall decor. :)


  1. Oh noes! On a side note, I wish we had Hobby Lobbys here, they sound great!

  2. Oh no! This has happened to me before, I hate that!

  3. Oops! This is how we learn. I'm sure it won't happen again. :)