Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two Wedding Orders This Week!!

I am working on an order for a wedding in my Sparkly Bits Soap shop tonight! I got an order for my retro circle soaps - 200 of them! The wedding soaps will be pink with a citrus scent! My kitchen smells really good right now with these lemony scented soaps everywhere!

I also got another wedding order for my glass faceted acorns from my Whysper Fairy Shop!

120 of these pretties in red/orange and amber/yellow! They were packaged and mailed this morning. I have been selling out of my acorns this week since being on the front page last week! I ordered more supplies and will have another 100 stocked, as back up this week for, hopefully, more sales! Autumn is almost here folks! :) My favorite season....I think I have said that a few times this week.


  1. Those acorns are so cute! Congrats on the orders!

  2. Wow, how neat are those acorns?!

  3. I can see why they are selling out...sooo cute!