Sunday, September 12, 2010

Resin...Any Tips? Ideas? Which Resin Type? Help!

I am really becoming interested in resin. I have read a little bit the last two days but I am having a hard time deciding which type of resin, gloves, no gloves, ventilations methods, hazards, quick UV drying vs Dome something or another!

If any of you know about resin, tips, methods, which types of resin to use, trial and error stories......I would love to hear them! Please post any info you think might help a newbie. Lol

The above gems are something I would like to make eventually. That picture is my new avatar! I love it. I sell those little autumn gems in my Whysper Fairy shop too. :)


  1. Hi -

    Actually, I've also been getting interested in working with resin ;-) It looks less expensive than glass, but it looks just as good and you can really make some pretty pieces with it. I want to make some 1/2 inch squares to glue onto bracelet blanks. I guess I will do a google search and a youtube search for some tutorials.

    Best of luck with your work.


  2. I work with resin for 4 months now, I've tries epoxy resin (easy cast) and polyester resin.

    Epoxy resin is stronger but if the casted resin piece is clear/transparant, it eventually will yellow over time. It's never sticky after curing. But I always have trouble with bubbles.
    With epoxy resin he cured piece will always stay a little dull after sanding and polishing. Most people doom the piece with epoxy resin after sanding.

    Polyester resin is more breakable but it will never yellow and the sanding part is easier. Polishing is more satisfying because you really get the glance back.
    It will remain a little sticky on the back in the mould -the open pouring side of the piece-
    You can solve it by sanding the part away or cover your mold with aluminium paper.
    I just glue the back on a pendant setting.
    I never have trouble with airbubbles with this resin.

  3. ps yes you need gloves ! its a sticky mess: liquid resin , you need a mask , u need to open a window while working with any kind of resin. polyester resin stinks

  4. Thank you for the information everyone. :)

  5. That pumpkin looks really cute!! I would have never thought it was resin. It looks just like glass.

  6. This is so pretty I just love resin and I would love to learn more about it and work with it more.

  7. I've been working with resin on and off for a couple years now. Yes, always wear gloves - Especially when you are starting out. I sometimes dare not to wear gloves and it's always a mistake. lol I've always used EasyCast resin and gotten good results, but I have noticed the slight yellowing of some of my clearer pieces. Remember to follow whatever directions you are given to a t - If your measurements are off the resin will not cure correctly. It happens to me every few batches and it's always sad. :( Here's a nice tip to save you some time - If you ever want to embed items into the resin, make sure you dip those items into the resin before casting them. That will help reduce air bubbles. ;) Bubbles are typically inevitable, though, unless you are willing to sit with the piece through the casting process and pop them as you see them with a toothpick or something, and even then you can't catch them all. I've also read about using a heat gun (NOT A HAIR DRYER) to help stop air bubbles. There is a great resin book out there by Sherri Haab called 'The Art of Resin Jewelry'. You should look it up, it has some of the best resin tips I've found. :)

    Good luck with your foray into resin! It's so much fun!