Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fabulous Fantasy Art Dolls By JordanRou

This new Etsy Shop, JordanRou, has some really amazing dolls. They are so unique and fun. Read Jordan's story below and check out her incredible shop JordanRou.

Hello everyone! My name is Jordan Taylor, and I own the Etsy shop JordanRou. I'm a young artist who lives near Raleigh, North Carolina, and currently a college student majoring in English and creative writing. I've loved art and craft projects since I was very young, and that love has continued throughout my life. I currently do a lot of art doll and collage work, which is what you can find in my shop!

I have been hand-sewing dolls since I made my first sock doll ("Dolly") at age 8, and that interest has evolved into the much more elaborate dolls I make now. Dolly still sits on a shelf in my room and watches me work, though she's not completely recognizable as anything more than an old sock anymore! All of the dolls in my shop are still sewn by hand, and each is completely one of a kind. All the dolls I make have a fantasy theme - I absolutely love fantasy novels, and (don't tell anyone!) really do believe in elves and fairies! I have been experimenting with collage elements as a part of my artwork only very recently, but I really like the direction that is headed! Most of my collages have either a fantasy theme or a map theme (or both!), and all have a compass rose included somewhere in the piece. I love learning about new cultures, and would love to travel to other countries one day, and I think that inspires my love for vintage maps and compasses.

I also love, and take a lot of my inspiration from, Tolkien, Shakespeare, and kid's fantasy novels (they're fun!), alternative and 80's rock, and high fashion. I'm a major book nerd (in case you can't tell yet!), and my music choices could probably be considered pretty nerdy as well... My dream is to one day be able to support myself through my art and writing. I love Etsy, because it's helping part of that dream come true!


  1. Wonderful interview. I love reading about the person(artist) behind the art.

  2. You make me look so good! Thanks so much for the feature! :))