Monday, November 8, 2010

Wonderful Soaps and Candles at Debs Day

I found a wonderful soap and candle shop on Etsy this past weekend!

Find out more about her below and be sure to check out her fabulous shop!

Christmas is almost here and her soaps and candles would make wonderful gifts!

My love for handmade soap started about 15 years ago when I took a trip to Lancaster, Pa. We came across many Mom and Pop Shops and well as craft fairs..My husband would always find me admiring the handmade soap and candles..About 3 years ago I started to read and learn about making some creations of my own. I started out slow, but the more I learned the more I wanted to keep creating..Finally, within this past year I took the leap....I went to the local community college and took an 8 week course on Soap Making (I too was surprised they had such a course) I Loved It!!!!...

I am now doing Soap and Candles full time, and I love very minute of it...I realize that you can never stop learning, never stop creating, and one of the most important ingredients in any soap recipe is imagination!!


  1. Great post Julie!
    I enjoyed reading it and especially love your soap ingredients :)
    Here's to happy creations and inspiring learning!

  2. Thanks!
    You can find these gorgeous soaps at She makes the most wonderfully smelly, beautiful soaps. :)

  3. Your soaps look yummy! I wish I could smell them through my computer screen.