Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Wonderful Etsy Shop!!

I love Moose, pines, cabins and the forest. So when I saw Patti’s shop I knew right away I wanted to do a feature on her beautiful creations. Here is just a sample the wonderful items for sale in her shop Northern Lodge.

I'm a nature lover to my core. I grew up in the woods..aka "the bush" of NW Ontario. I was my Dad's sidekick-and he was my naturalist mentor. We spent hours in the woods, where he taught me Geology, Biology, Meteorology, Ornithology and Astronomy. I learned to track animals, paddle a canoe and sit quietly to watch waves being dismantled by rugged shorelines. I became a Biologist because I needed a "job" that would give me the option of retaining the "awe" of a 3 year old even as an adult...absorbed in the wonders of Nature. I draw my creative inspiration from those early childhood experiences. The colours in my work mimic Nature's palette..autumn leaves, storm clouds, spruce forests.
The animals of my childhood inspire my pillows..tracks of wolves in the woods,and moose at the forest edge.
I try to create responsibly by upcycling materials or using bio-friendly options in my mittens are made from upcycled wool sweaters, my dog quilts and many of my pillows are made with upcycled wool from skirts/shirts and decorated with vintage.upcycled buttons.


  1. Julie
    Thank you for featuring my shop
    and giving me an opportunity to meet your blog followers..

    Happy New Year everyone

  2. what a beautiful shop!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  3. You are very welcome Patti! You have a beautiful shop. :)

  4. What a neat shop! I really love the patchwork quilt for pets; very cool idea.