Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Have Any New Business Goals For 2011??

New Bunny earrings I worked on today.
Then made a mold of the bunnies so my bunnies can multiply and I can make more earrings!
Starting to make the alphabet and then make molds of that.....and numbers too.

My goals this year are:

1. Work in my shop every day.
2. NOT buy so many supplies. (this will be hard)

What are your goals for your business this year?


  1. What cute little bunnies they are! One of my goals is to spend more time at the sewing machine and less time on the computer! We'll see how that goes! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Hi Annette. :)
    Yes, I have had to almost quit creating any soap or jewelry because I am on the computer so much and spending so much time in my mold supply shop! I really miss making things. Good luck with your goal!

  3. I am resolving to post at least one new listing a day this year (or at least post 365 new listings). Oh, and use what I have, rather than buying new supplies for every project.

    Those bunnies are so sweet! Happy New Year!

  4. Teh bunnies are adorable!! My goals are to also work on something for my shop everyday, and to take pictures of shop items everyday and hopefully reach my goal of 50 sales by February.

  5. One of my goals is to dedicate my time and effort towards my etsy shop and hopefully get some sales. I too would like to be able to stay home full time but I don't think it will happen for me.
    Good luck