How To Use Your Silicone Molds

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Make A Miniature Bowl of Fruit Doll House Miniature Food

This is super cute. All the fruit is hand made with clay. You can make some too with my silicone molds of fruit at Whysper Fairy
Pretty clay bowls made from my bowl mold. :)

Tiny doll house flatware. Can make this with metallic clay or add metallic powders to your clay piece.
This is a really cute tiny blueberry tart. You can make one too. Check out my listing here!


  1. ooh I love the flatware and bowls! great work!

  2. So cute! And hanks for including one of my hand felted items! What a fun blog you have!

  3. Thanks! I had fun making them. :D

  4. Those are so cute and look so real!! Well done!

  5. Really cute!!! I fell in love with these moulds!!! I'm a candle maker during my free time and I have a project in my mind that will require small bits of fruit...I'd like to buy some moulds but need to know whether they are suitable for wax too and their actual dimensions... Thank you x

  6. The pink, aqua, and green "clay" bowls don't look like clay, they look like glass. What are they?