Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday ~ "Baking Day" You Can Make These Too! DIY Molds

Today is "baking day" again! Today I made these pretty little yummies! Banana, Coconut Strawberry Cake!
Tomato and Cucumber Sourdough Bread!
Pretty Cake glass cake stand!
Little Chocolate Coconut and Pink Sugar Drops!
These are edible fondant acorns!! I love these! They are tiny but oh so cute and yummy!


  1. lol it's like every time you make a new post I get hungry. Everything I see here is so lovely. I was thinking of making an acorn necklaces for my earth science teacher when I get back to school. But wasn't sure at first, after looking at this post I think I might just go down to park and look for some acorns.

  2. They look truely yummy... are tey for real?, if not, they could fool me, for sure... ihihihih

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