Monday, April 4, 2011

This is What Happens When I Take a Couple Of Days Off in My Shop!

I took some time off this weekend from my Etsy Shop! It was nice to relax and read a book! :)

The orders still came in though. Lol Today i spend the day making molds and making sure a tornado wasn't heading toward my house!

We had tornado warnings all day! This is a picture from my kitchen door that I took before the big storm hit! Scary. It has passed us by now.

Now to package up all the orders. :)


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  2. wow, those are some scary clouds! Glad your safe and wow those are a lot of orders but your stuff is awesome ^_~

  3. That same storm hit us! No tornado but the wind uprooted 4 trees behind the house, split 2 cedars in front, and a wee fruit tree on the side. CRAZY bad wind!
    I LOVE this photo! I can't wait to start making fun things with the molds!

  4. That looks scary!!!
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  6. Hello, visiting from the NSMM Hop. I am so glad I don't live where you do! I couldn't handle tornados...I'd be a basket case if they told me there was a watch out for one of them. Anyway, would love for you to visit when you get a sec. and return the love. Have a great week!

  7. good for you! your molds are so cute and it looks like business is super!

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