Sunday, June 26, 2011

NEW Shaped Collage Molds!! More Coming Soon!

NEWEST Mold Designs launched today 6/26/11!

Whysperfairy’s Cute Shaped Collage Molds!! My shop is going in a new direction! Collage molds shaped in cute designs.

I will still carry my single cavity molds but I will also be adding a new line of these shaped collage molds.

New Collage shaped molds will include new and old designs, Gorgeous "Dress It Up" button designs, and unique pieces made by Whysperfairy that you will not find elsewhere!!

Each mold will have a theme to it!

~~Cupcake shaped mold will have a cupcake and frosting themed collage of molds embedded.

~Leaf shaped mold with fall, autumn themed cavities.

Many, many more ~ Mini food, hats, shoes, purses, sea, animals..... all and more new shaped molds will be in my shop within the next two weeks!


  1. How cute!


  2. awww this is really awesome, I can't wait to see more