Thursday, November 8, 2012

Butter Mold Instructions

I'm on a much needed vacation and I will be completely 

OFFLINE until Monday afternoon, November 12th. :)  

Below are instructions for your butter mold.  

If you have any questions you can send them to   I will answer them on Monday, November 12th. 

Your new mold can be used with butter, fondant, chocolate, gum paste and sugar! 

These molds are all handmade by me with a FDA certified food safe silicone. J

I have a wonderful selection of molds for cupcake toppers!  Just press your fondant in the mold and you can make a professional looking cake with fondant leaves and flowers! J
My molds can also be used with sugar to make cute little sugars for tea parties!  

Sugar recipe:

Butter Instructions:

*** I use real butter with my molds. Margarine does not work well at all.

You can wash your mold with warm soap and water.

After your butter is softened overnight press your butter into the mold. I use a butter knife to level off the butter in the mold.  

Use your fingers to gently coax the butter away from the edges for easier removal later.

*** Then I put my butter and mold in the freezer for 15 minutes and then the fridge for about an hour. Less time, in the freezer,  is needed if you are using butter pats and smaller leaf and acorn molds.

You can then pop your butter out of the mold onto a plate.

Handle your butter as little as possible or you will smear your design. I use a dry clean dish cloth to hold my mold as I pop it out. Less slipping!

Put it on a pretty plate and it's ready for your holiday table!

**It does take some practice to get your butter out without messing up the design. I would try it a few times prior to using it on your holiday table.   J 

f you do not press your butter all the way into the nooks it will come out funny.  I make my butter ahead of time and freeze it until the day before dinner.  Then I keep it in the fridge until dinnertime. J


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