Saturday, April 9, 2011

Miniature Pie Tutorial By Lassarina's Odds n' Ends

Aren’t these little pies so cute?? I love tiny food. I met a wonderful clay artist on Etsy who was nice enough to share her “baking” skills with clay and silicone molds. She made these sweet little pies and shows us how she did it in this wonderful tutorial.

Please visit her lovely shop to see more tiny food creations!

Lassarina's Odds n' Ends

Pumpkin Pie Tutorial:
by Lassarina at

Lassarina’s Odds n’ Ends

The first thing I do for this pumpkin pie is I get my clay ready. I’m going to use brown for the shell, it is a mix of beige sculpey, translucent sculpey, and chocolate fimo. For the pumpkin pie filling I’m using sweet potato sculpey.

Take a good sized ball of the brown and roll it so that there are not any air bubbles and so it is smooth. Then press it into the mold.

Start by pressing the outer edges in first and squeeze it all the way to the bottom of the mold. Then press the center out to the edges until it is smooth.

Now turn the mold upside down and push it onto a flat surface hard and make sure the clay is all the way into the cracks of the mold. Turn the mold over and use your fingertips to smooth the clay back from the edge to the middle so there is a slight bump. This is the excess clay

Using a razor blade or polymer clay blade slice the excess clay off. Be careful not to cut your mold. Release the clay from the mold and put the pie crust into the freezer. While you are waiting for the pie crust to freeze, prepare your sweet potato color by adding a few drops of translucent liquid sculpt and working it in to the clay. Add a few more drops as needed until the clay is thin and easily manipulated.

Take the pie crust out of the freezer and as fast as you can press the sweet potato color into the crust while it is still hard. As the clay warms it will distort when pressed on. It is important to do this step as fast as possible

An optional step is to color the top of the clay with pastel for an oven browned look.

This method is easy to apply to other pie types, just change the color of the filling. For the cherry pie shown I mixed micro marbles in to the clay with the TLS

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  1. this is a awesome tutorial but how did you get the inside of the pie to look like your outside?

  2. Hi Motoko! For the pumpkin pie, i used a little bit of brown artists pastel to "brown" the top of the pie, and for the cherry pie i used Micro marbles inside the red filling. Micromarbles are also known as no hole micro beads. Then i sliced each pie into 6 pieces.

  3. xDD ok thank you I know that sounded silly because you explained it I just wanted to make sure I understood ^_^

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  6. That is so cool how you can make all those items out of clay. Takes a lot of patience and delicate fingerstips. I am returning the follow from the hop. Thanks for stopping by.

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  10. I love polymer clay molds! I've actually bought some Whysper Fairy. Great quality. When I'm making a lot of charms, they help keep me waaaaay less frustrated!