Friday, July 8, 2011

How To: Fake Peanut Butter & Graham Cracker Crust For Your Miniature Food!!

Here is a Graham Cracker & Berry Tart that I made from my "secret ingredient" and some Sculpey Liquid Clay. :) Looks Yummy!

1. I used a berry tart mold from my shop. Of course you should too. ;)
2. First, I poured in colored liquid Sculpey in to the bottom (berry top) of the mold. I used 2 colors. I cooked that in the oven, in the mold, until almost done. (follow the directions on your clay bottle for temp/time)
3. Next I gently pressed into the mold, on top of the almost cooked berries, some of my secret ingredient and clear liquid Sculpey.
4. I put my filled mold back into the oven for another few minutes.
5. Be sure to let it cool until it is cold before removing. If you remove it too early or before it is completely cooked you will distort the berries on top and have to start all over. Ask me how I know this!

Wahla.....yummy miniature tart!

Ta Da!! Secret ingredient.....colored sand! I found some at the store and mix it with Translucent Sculpey Liquid Clay. :) Makes great miniature fake cheesecake crusts too!
Don't worry, if you want some secret ingredient and can't find it.....I sell it in my shop! If you buy some and tell me you found it from blog.....I will send you some at half price! Just tell me at check out! :)

It makes a really great texture to cookies and other yummy mini foods! The donut is just there for some color! The donut is made with pink liquid Sculpey in one of my molds and some pretty sprinkles....all of which you can find while shopping in my store on Etsy....if you were so inclined to do so. :)
More crusts, crackers and cake/tart bottoms
Oh yeah! It makes a wonderful fake peanut butter for your tiny toasts too! :) Enjoy!


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