Monday, August 1, 2011

Make a Button For Your Blog

I found the best blog link ever!! I was trying to make a "Grab My Button" link today....see to the right.......I spent all morning trying to find a code that worked....key word "worked." Yes, I know I made one a few months back but I can't remember where I found the code for that one. :/

Anyway I found a site that has a code generator! at the bottom of the post!

To make your own button/badge you will need a photo hosting service. I use Photobucket. I love them! Upload the photo of what you would like your button to be. Size it to 150 x 150. That is the size of mine to the right. Save it and then copy the "direct link" info to your photo. The Direct Link will be to the right of your photo or underneath it.

Go to this wonderful link...... is pretty self explanatory. Just copy and paste your info into the blanks and generate your code. Copy your new code and paste it in the Add a Gadget ~ HTML part of your blog, save and Ta Da!

I hope I didn't leave a step out. If so, just send me a note and I will fill in any blanks. :D


  1. Cool! I had to laugh about a code that worked I had a great deal of trouble and finally gave up. Now, I will try again, thanks to you!


  2. I guess it doesn't work with Picassa or Flickr. I've tried both and I just get the little red x. :( Didn't want to have to open another account.

  3. I love the new button so I updated it on my blog
    thanks for the share I made my own button too but it's a bit longer -^_^-

  4. Thanks for posting this... very helpful!

  5. I can't get the button to work on here, which makes me feel dumb. =/ I just copied and pasted what's in the scroll box and it still doesn't work.

  6. I neglected to mention I put your button on my blog lol kindof confusing how I put it.

  7. Yay, finally success. I finally got around to checking this out again and was able to get it done. I now have a Grab My Blog button. Thanks Julie