Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Newest Shop!! Please Take a look. :D

I opened another mold shop!! :D This one is going to be a Kawaii, Decoden, Sweets Shop!
Molds 4 You will have new molds listed every day until it is full of mini sweets and kawaii cuteness! Please take a look! :D

My other shop Whysper Fairy will still be open and 800+ molds strong! I'm adding more, new designs daily in this shop too! :D

Cute and tiny fruits!

Kawaii items galore!!

Mini Sweet Treats!!

I will be moving all my sweets, cute kawaii and deco molds into this shop soon! Plus I will be adding more, new ones daily! Molds 4 You


  1. Love these molds you have up and when etsy isn't having maintenance I will take a look at your shop <3

  2. I love your cute molds and if I knew how to use them, I would definitely buy some! How is the Hello Kitty one done?

  3. yaaay! I just recognized, that I am using your molds! They are amazing! :D
    And I even get one for free ^^
    You can see how I use them on my blog :)
    (well, it would be hard -> I have so many posts)
    anyway, your molds are just PERFECT :D