Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kawaii, Yummy, Fun, Stickers...All This and More at Doodie Bear's Shop!

I found another favorite shop!! Doodie Bear! Isn't this adorable! I love her cute food and displays.

And these!!! I love these little guys. :D

About me: I am an educator who loves to craft with paper and make polymer clay jewelry during my spare time. Some of my other interests are collecting anything cute, baking sweets, trying new food, makeup, shopping, rock/alternative music, video games such as Rock Band and Modern Warfare, various TV shows, and anime....just to name a few :3

About my shop: My Etsy shop features many different kawaii items, such as collectible stickers to craft or swap, memo sheets for scrapbooking, handmade clipboards, and polymer clay earrings of various sweets and kawaii characters.

What motivates me: I am always motivated to create anything cute to make others happy.

Why I started a shop: I have always wanted to start a shop on Etsy. Many of my family and friends tell me that I have great artisitic abilities and how I should take advantage of it. As a child, I used to make Barbie food with my sister. We would create a buffet of items out of playdoh, such as hot dogs, eggs, steak, bread, fries, cake, etc (it was all very random!). I was into taking art classes such as drawing, painting, and even a bit of sculpting as a teenager. Years after that, the craftiness in me never left even though I took a different direction for my college major and career. I am always inspired by what others create, so by looking at online resources I get countless ideas that get me to craft.

It was several years ago when I came across the site and saw all these wonderful handmade items. The Etsy community has so many talented artists and definitely impacted me to start creating again. I like the fact that Etsy offers opportunities for artists to share and expose their talents.

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  1. I also am severly addicted to etsy! I spend more time on that site than any other!!! I love getting to know other artists and talking with them via convos...It's such a pleasure getting to know some of these extremely talented people! I am going to check out this site too...