Sunday, March 4, 2012

Miniature Dollhouse Wedding Cake Tutorial

♥♥ Make a flower wedding cake for your dollhouse!!

1. Roll out your polymer clay into sheets of varying thickness. Cut with a cookie cutter, bottle cap lid or something that will make a perfect circle. Cut enough circles to make the layers for your cake.

2. Make a variety of colored flowers and leaves to cover your cake.

3. Bake your round cake pieces at 275 degrees on a baking sheet. I put the thick cake pieces in the oven first since they take longer to cook. After a few minutes (5-15min depending on how thick your cake is) of baking I pull out the pan and add the flowers and leaves to the pan to cook. They are tiny and only take about 5 minutes to cook at 275 degrees.

4. After your pieces have cooled glue the cake layers together.

5. Attach your lace strips along seams.

6. Now the fun part! Decorate your new tiny cake with your flowers and leaves attaching with a tiny drop of glue for each!

Here is the listing for the flower and leaf mold. :D


  1. Hello, i love your blog very match!!! You make amazing wunderfull moulds!!!
    i put the link on my blog, because they are realy beautyfull i have searched a long time for that of kind moulds. I hope that others so can finf your site!/shop!
    greetings Petra

  2. I just bought my first mold from your shop. I can't wait to start making miniatures!