Friday, June 22, 2012

Cupcake Earrings and Fourth of July Bracelet

A new shop has opened up on Etsy!  Colorful Inspiration  By Brittany Vega
I love her yummy jewelry! So colorful and her attention to detail is amazing!  You can see more beautiful items by clicking on the link above. :)

Colorful Inspiration

"My dad, Albert Vega, is an amazing inspiration for art in my life. Growing up I was always around art, whether it was painting, drawing, or sculpting. So art plays a major role in my life. In my spare time I like to create jewelry using colorful beads and polymer clay creation beads. When creating some of my creations I use molds I purchase from Whysper Fairy. I enjoy using molds when they are available for things I plan on creating in the workshop. I hand craft some of these creations myself as well. I also enjoy creating custom creations, I love when people give me something they want me to create for them, that’s what makes these so special."


  1. I ran across this shop yesterday. Everything is so cute!

    1. Thank you! I hope you liked it! Julie is Awesome for putting my shop up on her blog! Thanks Julie!

  2. aww super super cute :3 love them