Sunday, July 15, 2012

Glass Acorns Autumn Decorations

 Some new acorns I made this weekend!  Getting ready for my favorite season....Autumn!  

*******I'm very excited to announce that my glass acorns will be published in the Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Edition this fall!!

 I made a few of these last year and again this year. I cannot find the wire bead any longer so only have a few left. 

If anyone knows of where I can purchase these in bulk I'd be grateful for a link. :)

The Mahogany colored ones are my favorite!!


  1. Those are absolutely adorable!! Did you make the bead caps? Would it be possible to make the wire beads? I know Beaducation has a tornado bead that reminds me of this. Be glad to help play! :)

  2. Have you tried That's where I get a lot of my beads and other jewelry supplies and I know they have some beads that are similar to those. They are so cool!! You def need to make more! =)

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for the link. :) I did not know about this site and it's great! I'll keep it in mind when I need beads. :) Unfortunately, they do not have the size I need or color. It's 16mm.
      Thank you though!! :D

    2. LOL....I did not well enough, I found them when I went back to check for other beads!! :) Thank you so much for the link. I think I will like shopping on this site! Much appreciated!! :D

  3. They are just fantastic!! You are a genius to come up with something like that!!

  4. Replies
    1. Awesome! Found them!! Thank you for the link. :) Much appreciated!

  5. Those are just beautiful. Following you now. Rhonda