Saturday, March 16, 2013

DIY Jewelry Using Silicone Molds

I found a new product! 3D Crystal Lacquer! I love it. I mix it with mica and then painted it on my baked clay pieces!  Use polymer clay and make any jewelry piece with a flexible silicone mold.

Bake it according to the clay package directions. Once the clay piece is cooled you can then paint on your lacquer and mica. I mix a little mica and lacquer and filled the peacock designs to make faux enameled jewelry. I then painted different colors of the laqcquer and mica on the feathers and it came out beautifully! 

The gold flower piece above is clay, baked, spray painted with 24K gold paint then mica and lacquer! The possibilities are endless!! 

You can even paint the lacquer and mica directly on metal charms shown in pictures below! Works beautifully!


  1. Ooooo that peacock turned out gorgeous! I might have to find some and try it with results like that. TY for sharing your review :D

  2. Hallo Julie, so einen tollen Blog hast du, ich freue mich ihn gefunden zu haben. Ich bin dein neues Mitglied und würde mich sehr freuen wenn du mich auch einmal auf meinem Blog besuchst. Herzliche Ostergrüße Britta

  3. Gorgeous effect. Where do you find the lacquer? I lobe lovr love your molds. I tpok them to a retreat with me. Everyone enjoyed them. I gave them the links to your shops and blog :)