Saturday, March 9, 2013

Polymer Clay Tutorials

I have been asked to show how the molds are used with clay so here are some examples of how I make my clay or fondant pieces. 

I love the cameo molds. Using two colors of clay or fondant takes a requires a little more time and patience but worth it in the end. I prefer the look of two colors rather than painting a different color on the finished piece. 

This is another technique I love to use. Krylon makes some beautiful gold and silver leafing pens. I use them on my baked clay pieces. Then I spray a triple thick sealing gloss after the leaf dries. It makes some beautiful pieces of jewelry!!  I found my leafing pens at Michael's Craft Stores. 


  1. Your molds are perfect.I love them :)

    I really like idea from the last pict.

  2. Gracias por el tutorial se ve muy claro, feliz domingo:)

  3. I was checking out your Molds on Etsy and it led me to your blog. Based on what I see here you take the clay out of the mold and then bake it, correct? Some people have told me to bake in the mold and have told me to take it out so I want to see what you suggest before ordering your molds and possibly destroying them.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      You can bake the clay in or out of the molds. :)