Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sparkly Bubbles Soap Company ~ New Soaps!

I love making pretty soaps and experimenting with colors and scents. Unfortunately, I don't have too much time to "play."  Although, I occasionally get in a day of soap making! These soaps were my latest from last week. 

I just listed them in my Etsy store this weekend.  Sparkly Bubbles Soap Company

Mama and baby dolphins in the surf! I LOVE this one. 

Oh so cute owls! These fit perfectly in your hand! I love these too!

This is a lovely floral bar. A little more difficult to get the colors to behave but I'll get the hang of it soon.....I hope. :)


  1. oh my, what gorgeous soaps...hope you have a wonderful day!

    enjoy *~*

  2. Pretty soaps!

    Thanks for including me on your sidebar!


  3. I love the dolphin soap!! My bathroom is done in ocean theme and those would look amazing in there!! More stuff to put on a wish list :)

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