Friday, August 2, 2013

Beautiful Handmade Miniatures By Aunt Ellie's Miniatures

Aren't these miniatures beautiful? The detail is so amazing.

The washing machine and sink below are my favorites! 

You can read more about the miniature artist, Elinor of Aunt Ellie's Miniatures, below.  Click HERE to see more of her wonderful work!

"I got started last Thanksgiving because I'd always thought I would build miniature furniture "someday," and it seemed like a good time. I already had a workbench, some of the tools I'd need, and space to work in."

"What inspires me is finding real-life objects that I can visualize as a miniature of something else, like some star washers I found at an auto parts store that make perfect burners on a miniature antique stove. I work from photos of real furniture and love designing measurements that put the pieces into a 1:12 scale."

"My Etsy shop is Aunt Ellie's Miniatures, and I decided to specialize in Island-style furniture."


  1. They are very detailed. I love them!

  2. Hi Wendy, Thank you for your comment. Elinor does create beautiful pieces! I wish I had a dollhouse to put some of them in!