Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Stamping Project!

This is my first attempt at stamping!  I'm hooked now! I took pictures before I even put the jump rings on! LOL  I don't remember where I put them and didn't want to hunt for them right now. But the cute little hearts will be attached in the morning. :)  
I made this for my daughter. It is sterling silver. 

I bought my supplies  at Daisy Treasures   The supplies were perfect, shipping was fast and the seller was very nice. :) I will be back for more!  May need jump rings if I can't find mine......


  1. rofl... I've been DYING to try my hand at stamping, but just haven't had the $ to get blanks, alphabet presses and the whole shebang all at once. Yours looks so GOOD! I'm worried about making the letters funny, and then you've killed the blank. BUT just had a girl that bought 2 of my rings email me last night and ask if I did hand stamped name rings. Gulp... um... not yet? lol I offered to refer her to a great seller, but she's waiting for me to start. So guess I need to get the stuff now, huh?

    Was wondering if you remembered where you got your alpha stamps? I hunted all over, but haven't found any reasonable that looked reliable.

    Awesome job! I'm sure your daughter will love it!
    rachel of OddModicum

    1. Hi Rachel,
      These are sterling silver so I did not practice on them. LOL I bought a couple of metal blanks and stamped a few on it first. Problem was the practice metal was thicker than the silver hearts by far. So.....I ruined two hearts by hitting them too hard. :( The force just bent the heart into an ugly shape. I had to hit it hard enough to get an imprint but not hard enough to distort the very thin and soft silver.
      The stamps I used for this project I got at Hobby Lobby. They were 19.00 for the set and with the 40 percent off coupon they were very reasonably priced. :) If you have a hobby lobby nearby I would check there. They have a lot of stamping supplies. :) Good luck!!
      Thanks for all your entries and pins!! Drawing will be on Sunday! Good luck. :)