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~ In 5 years of selling molds I have accumulated quite a list of questions and answers. 

~ I have tried to answer ALL customer's questions below in this one post 


All my molds, the yellow silicone or the purple silicone, are all FDA Certified Food Safe. Fondant, Chocolate and Gumpaste all work wonderful in the molds. 

They also make Wonderful "Real" Butter molds AND Molded Sugar for those special parties!  I'll post the Molded Sugar Recipe soon. ♡  

Sugar Recipe 


All of my molds work wonderfully with fondant. However, deep, thin cuts in the mold may not be as sharp in your final product if you are using fondant. It depends on how soft your fondant is and how much time you spend pressing it into the mold to ensure a good impression.  If you have any questions please send me a note prior to purchase.

One of my customers sent me a picture of her use of my nuts and bolts mold.  She does beautiful work AND she even sent me some of these gorgeous cake pops!! Trust me they are melt in your mouth good AND they are picture perfect. I wish we hadn't eaten the beautiful ones she sent me so fast....I would have liked to include more pictures of her work.

Click here to see her gorgeous and YUMMY Creations!


No mold release needed.  Cat picture below is a cameo mold I sell and this is entirely made of fondant.  Yes, it is tricky to get all the different colors into the mold crevices (toothpicks help) and time consuming and takes some practice. But....the end result is a gorgeous piece to go on your cookies, cakes or cupcakes or whatever sweet confection your are creating!


My molds were featured in Southern Living Magazine 2 years ago!  ALL my molds will make cute butter pats for your dinner table! Make themed holiday butter for the holidays! Just use REAL butter as the margarines do not work. 


These molds work well with Ceramic clay but the molds CANNOT go in the kiln.  They can only go in a kitchen oven. 

I also use the molds with air dry clay. Just make sure your clay is kneaded properly. 

If it is kneaded properly it is warm and pliable and will press into the mold better, picking up ALL the gorgeous details better. 

See pictures below of the polymer clay pieces.........

You can use metallic powder, stain, marker, paint or other items to rub along the ridges and details to bring out all the highlights and tiny details. Then gloss to give it shine and seal the piece!  Do this AFTER Baking NOT before.  

Click on the picture below to see the instructions.  This is probably one of my favorite uses of the molds....making pretty colors with metallic powder and Crystal Laquer! It is so beautiful and the ideas and colors are almost endless!  

♡ The following picture is a useful technique for either fondant or clay as they are similar in texture.  Make sure your clay is Kneaded Completely and warm prior to putting in the mold. It will pick up the detail better when soft and pliable. It is more soft and pliable when warm and kneaded properly.  I sit on my clay about 20 minutes prior to kneading it. :)


Here are a few helpful tips I wanted to pass on to you.
1. You can bake your clay in or out of the mold.
2. Polymer clay should never be baked over 275 degrees or it will burn.Follow instructions on pkg.
3. I bake my thin clay pieces for about 4-5 minutes and check for doneness after they cool.
4. If not done, pop it back in the oven for another couple minutes.
5. Or if not baking in the mold......Press clay into mold and pop in fridge for 15 min. Makes it easier to remove from mold without distortion. (((((If you are baking the piece in the mold then skip the fridge part))))
6. Gloss, paint and decorate your piece after baking not before.
7. You can drill holes with a small bit after your clay piece is baked. Wear a mask.
8. You can also sand your piece with a fine piece of sandpaper. Wear a Mask.
9. I press my clay into the mold, slice off excess clay with a razor blade and then use my finger to pull it away from the edge of the mold to make it a “clean” edge. (((See pictures above)))) You may have to slice off more clay and pull it away from the edge a couple of times before it is just right.


I used Clear Easy Cast Resin and Transparent Resin Dye with these pieces. 
They need to cure for 24 hours or more depending on which resin you use. 
I'm very new at Resin but I do know that if you do not wait until the piece is cured completely before removing it you will ruin your mold. 
ALSO if you do not make your resin concoction ratio perfectly or mix it according to the directions on the box you will ruin your mold and/or the pieces will not cure.  
The pieces below came right out of the mold perfectly with no mold release necessary and NO damage to the mold. :)
I also use a heat gun to get the air bubbles out.  You can buy a heat gun at Lowe's or Home Depot for about $24.00. Necessary if you make a lot of resin pieces. :) 

The examples below are resin and translucent dyes. They come out fairly shiny. If you are using opaque resin the pieces will be matte. I spray a protective gloss on them to seal and also for shine. :)

These pictures are in MACRO so you can see every teeny tiny almost microscopic detail. The tiny bubbles in these pieces you cannot see without a magnifying glass. :)



These lovely guest soaps and soap embeds are made from my molds. You can embed them into a bar of soap or attach them to the top of your bars of soaps! Or make a melt n pour log and insert these pretties into the top of the soap log so each individually sliced bar has some beautiful novelty pieces on each bar!  

~~ This size soap makes the best wedding favor gifts, One time use soaps in the purse or bathroom, guest soaps or soap embeds!  

I use melt n pour soaps with my molds because I am an instant gratification type of person and I don't have patience for the cold process to cure. LOL  I buy all my melt n pour soap blocks here......http://www.brambleberry.com/    Probably THE BEST place to buy my soap supplies.  

COLD PROCESS SOAP:  For Experienced Cold Process Soapers Only

YES.....you can use Cold Process Soaps!  ****Only for experienced cold process soapers.  See cold pressed soap pieces below. The molds held up just fine with the lye and popped out some gorgeous soaps with NO damage to the mold. Only use the molds with cold process soap if you are very experienced making this soap. It is very easy to destroy a mold when practicing cold process technique. 


All of my flexible, food safe, silicone molds are handmade by me, as they are ordered. I use a generous amount of silicone so your molds are thick and sturdy. ♥ Price is only for the mold. Any items in the pictures are photo props only. No Mold Release is necessary. 

Your molded piece will pop right out of your mold without difficulty. They can withstand heat up to 395 degrees Fahrenheit. 

My molds are food grade compliant up to 395 degrees F. They are made of non-toxic, food safe silicone. You may wash your mold with soap and water. If you plan to use the mold for food, do not use it with any other material before putting your food product into the mold to eliminate any possibility of contamination. 

Please check the size of your mold PRIOR to purchase so you are not surprised when it arrives. You can see the size of your piece in the listing....In the PICTURE with the item next to a RULER. OR the SIZE may be written in the body of the listing.  If there is no size reference please send me a note and I will measure it for you. 


RESIN - You can use your molds with resin to make cute magnets, ornate brooches, and cabochons for jewelry, hair bows, pendants or scrapbook embellishments!

POLYMER CLAY and PMC (Precious Metal Clay) also work well with these molds to create beautiful jewelry pieces! On some of the more detailed, deeper molds you can bake your clay right in the mold if you like to avoid distorting the piece as it comes out. Follow clay cooking directions on your clay package. Never bake the mold over 395 degrees. 

WAX - A lot of customers make scented WAX melts with their molds! Wax just pops right out of the mold cavity!

SOAP Embeds are another wonderful use of your molds. Make tiny fish, flowers or whatever you like to embed in your clear soaps! Or you can make "One time use" soaps OR little guest soaps.  None of my molds are large enough for a "bar" of soap. They are all for embeds, little soap favors or guest soaps. Please check size prior to purchase. 

FONDANT, SUGAR, CHOCOLATE, CANDY (below 395 degrees) I make cute pieces to put on my cupcakes and cakes! Leaf and flower molds can turn an ordinary cake into a beautiful work of art! These molds are wonderful for making Molded Sugar for those special tea parties!!!  Molded Sugar Recipe link is above. :)

BUTTER Pats! Make heart butter pats for Valentine’s Day, Eggs for Easter or snowflakes for Christmas! I have a variety of holiday molds to make your holiday dinner more festive!  Use REAL BUTTER in your molds. Margarine does not work. 

♥♥ Resin, Fondant, Polymer Clay, Metallic Clay, Glass, Soap, or Wax is typical material used with these molds. Your creativity is what will make your piece unique.

~ MORE Important Info............

Listings show some pictures with some decoration on the embellishment.  Please keep in mind that it may have been painted, added on or glossed for added enhancement ( i.e. FACIAL Expressions, textures or color). You can achieve the same look by using paint/fine tip marker, edible markers, edible spray or powders, glosses, powders or metallic clay to your piece depending on what you are making!

Some pieces may require some creativity by YOU to achieve the look of the embellishment. You may need to carve, cut, slice, poke holes, paint or otherwise manipulate your piece to achieve the look you want. :) Your creativity is what will make your piece unique.

If you are having trouble with a mold and can’t get your piece to come out just right, please send me a note. I may be able to offer suggestions to help fix the problem OR read through this post first and you might just find answers to your questions. 

 IDEA CORNER: These are just ideas for you. You will need to take into account the size of the mold you are buying with regard to what you would like to use if for.

~~Make sure the size mold you order will work for what you want ~~~~♥~~~

 A 4mm sized mold will not work for soap as it is just too small. Just as a huge 4" flower won't make a great pair of earrings. Check your size PRIOR to purchase. :)

:¦: Scented Wax Embeds for Candles
♥ Scented Soap Embeds for Clear Glycerin Soap
:¦: Resin Jewelry, Findings, Embellishments
♥ Fondant/Icing/gum paste Cake or Cupcake Decorations See my fondant blog with customer’s creations… http://dinkalulu.blogspot.com/
:¦: Push Pins for the bulletin board
♥ Holiday Refrigerator Magnets
:¦: Use Metallic Polymer Clay/Powders to create gorgeous original jewelry pieces

If you take care of your mold it will last a long time and has many pours in it's life. I've had some molds that I've used over 100's of times.
~ I keep my molds in a baggie to keep it soft and free of dust.
~ I GENTLY "rinse" with mild soapy, warm water
~ If you are rough with your mold i.e. stretching, pulling tight, pushing your fingernail through the bottom and otherwise roughly handling it then it will rip or tear.
~ Time.....Yes, these are not indestructible, lifetime molds. They will break down at some point and you will need to purchase more. Please don't use it for years and ask for a refund when it's life finally gives out.
~ Keep out of the sun.
~If you pour Too HOT of candy in the mold it will stick to the mold and destroy it.
~If you overcook your mold and burn it you will destroy the mold.
~If you do not mix your resin properly it can stick to the mold and destroy it.

~ The molds are not edible. 
~ Please keep molds away from children. Smaller molds can be a choking hazard. 
~~~Be sure to avoid CROSS CONTAMINATION. If you use your mold with non edible products (i.e. clay, resin etc) do not use it afterwards with food products. 
~Other items I carry: Cookie cutters have sharp edges, please keep away from children. 
~All the clay canes are made of clay and are not edible. Please keep these away from children. 
~ALL the mini food decorations in my store are FAKE FOOD made of plastic, GLASS, clay or other non-edible material. ~~~~Please keep these items away from children as they look good enough to eat but are not edible. 

This mold is made of non-toxic material and complies with 21CFR 177.2600.  

This mold is food grade compliant and will take heat up to 395 degrees F. This enables you to either bake food, polymer clay, or any other type of material in the mold without harming it. Be sure to keep your food molds separate from your clay or non edible material molds to avoid cross contamination. If you plan to use the mold for food, do not use it with any other material before putting your food product into the mold to eliminate any possibility of contamination.


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